The Book Café, Paro

Book Café, located in Paro, is a dream for bookworms. For anyone who enjoys coffee, good food and lots and lots of books, this place is a must-visit!

This place is first of its kind and unique in Paro. The interior is very minimalistic, with massive wooden shelves filled with books and show pieces. It has a calm, serene and cozy environment that anyone visiting it to relax, or unwind will treasure.

Credits: @skinny_bhukkad

The place itself is on the first floor of a traditional Bhutanese house. A wooden stair at the entrance welcomes the people into a vast balcony which has bar sitting for people who love the outdoors as well.

In addition to being the best place to relax and read, they have great coffee and food, including Khule (breakfast pancakes), puta (buckwheat noodles) and the owner’s family bathup stew. Their hoentey (dumplings) also tops the list of delicious food.

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