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Enola Holmes, the newest movie on Netflix, is based on The Enola Holmes Mystery novel series by Nancy Springer. The story is about the teenage sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

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On her sixteenth birthday, Enola’s mother goes missing. Upon hearing the news, both her brothers Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes return home. After a fight with Mycroft as he intends to send Enola to a finishing school, she decides to follow the hints left by her mother and sneaks off to London where she meets Viscount Tewkesbury.

She finds out that her mother is a part of a radical group of suffragettes who are fighting for Women’s rights. She then helps Viscount find the identity of the person conspiring to murder him, as he would have given his vote for the political reform in favor of the suffragettes.

 The movie not only showcases the coming-of-age story of a tenacious, headstrong girl in a time where it was dangerous to just ‘be’, as a woman, but also makes us question the number of women, in history, whose achievements might have been erased or overshadowed by men.

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All in all, Enola Holmes is a good representation for girls who are young, curious and deserve a historical role model in a world dominated by men. In fact, Netflix UK & Ireland has taken the initiative of placing the statues of the sisters of some of the most important male figures in history, whose contributions were overshadowed or ignored in the face of their famous brothers. Among them are, Frances Dickens, Mary, Princess Helena Victoria, Maria Anna Mozart, etc.

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