De-Sho: Traditional Handmade Paper of Bhutan

The traditional handmade paper in Bhutan is known as De-sho. The process of making handmade paper was most likely introduced from Tibet, where the monks used to make papers to record holy scriptures. Today, paper making is done by both laymen and the monks.

In Bhutan, the traditional handmade paper is mostly made from Daphne plant. Another major ingredient in papermaking is the gum which is extracted from the root of the creeper. The bark from the plant is soaked in order to wash off the dirt and dried in the sun. The outer layer is then scraped off to reveal the inner, softer part. This softer part is then soaked again. The Softer portion is treated on to reduce it to fibrous mass. Ash-water is poured through a sieve on this fibrous mass. The mixture is boiled thoroughly to make it softer, after which, the mixture is beaten to a pulp. The misture is poured over a screen and left to dry in the sun. When dried, transculent paper can be peeled off the screen.

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Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory is a pilot conservative program started by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in order to conserve and promote the traditional art of papermaking in Bhutan. It is located at almost 1km away from Thimphu Town.

Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory
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