Thimphu Weekend market

On the West bank of Wang Chu (Wang River), north of the Changlimithang Stadium, lies the Thimphu Weekend Market. This area is abuzz with vendors who arrive here beginning from Thursday till Sunday night.

The incense area in this market is one of the most interesting and aromatic places that you would ever want to be in. The vendors here sell incense made of local ingredients like camphor, and saffron that can be dissolved in holy water to provide to the pilgrims.


There are other areas in the markets which sell dried fish, strips of beef and pork, Datsi (cheese), and local mouth-watering pickles. They have fruits and ferns called nakey for sale. Any kind of delicacy enjoyed in Bhutan can be found in this market, beginning from rice to kapchey (ground and roasted barley).

The Market is awash with activity and the bustle of people which pour down to the street. This place is really a great way to get to know about local products of Bhutan and get a taste of what ‘Bhutan’ entails.

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