Zimbiri and Her Art of Faces

Artist: Zimbiri Source: https://www.facebook.com/rtabhutan/photos/pcb.10150541839679944/10150541840649944/?type=3&theater

Zimbiri is one of the most popular and leading contemporary artist in Bhutan. She completed her undergraduates in Wheaton College, Massachusetts, with a double major in Economics and Fine Arts.

Zimbiri is also the first Bhutanese female artist to do a solo exhibition. Her work Faces is her most famous piece of work. She takes inspiration from Buddhism as well, she expresses that wrathful Mahayana masks have let go of their beauty and tranquillity, in order to protect, which in itself depicts an act of love.

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Her art piece Faces depicts the masks people wear in order to cope with the society. Zimbiri attributes her passion and inspiration for her work to her family.

Zimbiri enjoys reading and going to the gym. She also likes sports like basketball and boxing. Her favourite past-time is watching movies.

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