The Dying Art of Dyeing Woollen Yarns

Sonam Lhamo of Zung-Ngae village in Bumthang is the only practitioner of the fading art of dying woollen yarn used to weave Yathra. This traditional art is Native to Bumthang Dzongkhag, particularly popular among the people of Chhumig Gewog.

Sonam Lhamo runs a handicraft shop and laments the dying days of this art. She collects the needed raw materials from eastern Bhutan. She conveys that the traditional dyeing method is very time-consuming and laborious due to which the youths are increasingly opting for office jobs and not many want to learn the method of dyeing.


Dyeing one skein of yarn usually takes over a week up to a month. The traditional method of dyeing itself faces many challenges today due to the decrease in sheep farming, which poses a decline in the availability of wool.

Sadly, it seems that this traditional art of dyeing might soon become a nostalgic thing of the past.

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