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Nowadays many of the Bhutanese are taking a liking to different genres of music. This has led to the rise of the music community and many of the youth have taken it upon them to live their dreams and experiment with contemporary music. Bhutan is also no stranger to new and aspiring artists and their creativity. Some bands popular in Bhutan are:


Crowners are considered the first boy band of Bhutan, inspired by bands such as One Direction and K-pop. The band was formed in 2017 and largely made covers of their favourite songs. The band was started by Jigme Tandin Wangchuk with three of his friends. They have succefully held a tour in Bhutan and plan to break the international arena with Bhutanese Contemporary Music as well.

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O’strangers is an alternative rock band. The band comprises of Sonam Jurme (Band Leader/Songwriter), Sonam Rinchen aka Zombie (Lead Vocalist), Ezzuu BJ (Lead Guitarist), Sonam Jigme (Guest Bassist/Vocals) and Ujjal Gurung (Guest Drummer). They recently launched their debut album, “Angel of the Stone Age”. They have made various appearances throughout the country and have also played in Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café, Pattaya.


Bhutan is gearing up for more performances in the future and we wish them all the best!

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