Bhutan’s First Food-on-Wheels

Bhutan is devoid of the popular fast-food chains found all over the world. The people of Bhutan have substituted food franchises such as McDonalds, KFC, Dominoes, Starbucks, etc. with local foods. However, the effects of change aren’t lost on this tiny kingdom. The last decade has seen a continental craving in the people of Bhutan, therefore, many Chinese hotpots, Japanese ramens, and Thai Restaurants have come into being. Today, Bhutan, along with the delicious local made food, also has seen a rise in fancy restaurants specializing in making food from all over the world.

Source: Oie Wheels4Meals, Facebook

Foods are even being delivered to the doorstep through new facilities with Wheels4Meals and Dish@Door. Wheels4Meals is a first of its kind in Bhutan. This idea of a food truck was of Phurba, and her husband, Ugyen. Although unique, the couple struggled in changing their vision into reality. Having to wait for a year and a half for the license to be processed was one of the challenges faced.


The couple has been experimenting with the location and the type of food in demand. However, they are undeterred. They want to create employment opportunities in Bhutan and have committed to donate 10% of their profits to an old age home.

Hopefully, this new concept will get the people excited to try out this new kind of food service and it will prosper!

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