Lhakhang Nagpo, Haa


Lhakhang Nagpo (or Nam), located at a five-minute walk from Lhakhang Karpo, is home to Haa’s ferocious deity, Dado Tsen.

Lhakhang Nagpo is a one-storeyed black temple with a read band painted around it. There are two sets of stupas near the temple, resembling the three mountains surrounding them, which the locals believe is an emanation of Jampelyang, Chenrezig, and Chana Dorji.

The place is also popular for the lake nearby and the mermaid (Tshomen) who grants wealth to the devotees. Therefore, many people flock to this area in the hopes of receiving a blessing from the mermaid. The caretakers of the temple mention that even the tourists are fascinated by this place.

 The history of the origin and the construction of the temple is not clear, howver some believe that it was built by Haa Lam Neten Jampel Dorji, at the same time its twin Lhakhang Karpo was built, in the 7th Century.

Whether one’s wish of good fortune is granted or not, this place will surely grant you a peace of mind by its scenic beauty!

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