The air transportation in Bhutan

The air is a mode of transportation in Bhutan where mostly the people traveling abroad used in a various way the tour, studies, and opportunities in another country, the air transportation also in carrying of tourism and generate revenue to the national GDP, it creates employment opportunities and better living standard of the Bhutanese people through the exposure of the tourist and explore to the outside world. Bhutan has two own companies Bhutan Arline and Tashi commercial airlines which operate in many countries such as Bangkok, Bangladesh, India, Australia, and the United States. To explore or prosper and peace of the sovereign nation and to break the isolation stigmatization royal government of Bhutan inaugurates or established three domestic airlines Bumthang, Youngphula, and Gelephu, whereas the Youngphula is under operation but others are under maintenances respectively.

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The air transportation plays a vital role in socio-economic and political, economic diversity, increase in social mobility and increase in tax generation, the economic development and growth depict the need of the air services for the development of furthered economies of the surrounding region, facilitating the tourism and trade and which also help in an emergency and humanitarian relief aid and ensure the supplies of the medical and foods in remote sites. The geographical terrain of the landlocked country made it difficult for the landing and take-off.

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Bhutan a small country mostly cover  with forest and hilly area, to provide the air services is not possible even though civil aviation has manage the helicopter to provide the medical services and relief service during natural calamities in remote area.

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