New Year celebration

The new year begins with day, date, or time in the calendar of the year 1st  January often marked as a national holiday. New year celebration takes place in everywhere around the globe, the beginning of the new year with new experience and exposure to the new world, in Bhutan the celebration of new year is like celebrating Losar (“lo” new, “sar” year), families prepare the Losar in some days advance by cleaning homes, decorate with marvelous flower and paint their walls with special of sign such as sun, moon, flower, and other auspicious sign, they set everything day before and exactly 12:00, the party starts with romantic and fabulous music, delicious and species food on the table, gathering of families and friends. The Bhutanese people believe when the new year begins the debts are clear, fights and quarrels resolved the acquiring of new clothes and special food, instance the kapse and alcohol ( chang) , the offerings are made and the traditional foods consumed on the day Losar and the picnicking, dancing, singing, dart-playing, archery (traditional game).

The new year is the year where country, people, and economy everything begins newly, the records and achievement, often like our ancestor used to believe that at midnight people would remove their masks and kisses to purify each other from the evil, Bhutanese they marked the important day to remark marriage party, business and entrepreneurship begin in this day. New policy and development are taking place, mostly farmers made wishes on this day that success ding in agriculture and have a good profit. Even still the way of celebrating New Year had not changed, everyone celebrates it in the traditional way.

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