Internet in Bhutan

When it comes to the internet and technology, Bhutan is considered to open late for these developments. It was only in the year 1999 that the first television broadcast was done and people started to adopt the globalization. From that year the use of technologies and the internet started rapidly.

There are basically two internet providers in Bhutan. Both the telecom deals with services such as telecom operation, sim card, and mobile sales, broadband, and wifi. The first telecom is bigger in terms of scale and services, it is operated by the government of Bhutan. Whereas the second one is privately owned.

Photot credit: Highland Voyage

The private-owned telecom is called Tashicell and was incorporated in the year 2007. On the other hand, Bhutan telecom was incorporated in the year 2001 as a fully state-owned company. Bhutan telecom not only deals with internet providing services but also provides Domain sale, domain registration, and sale of Vivo phones.

At present, apart from domain services, Tashicell is considered to be providing more services and options. Tashicell has diversified its business in the field of digital marketing. Tashicell has many apps and even provides cashback services through different apps and gives its customer a variety to choose from.

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