Bhutan is a vast reservoir of both biodiversity and high-altitude medicinal plants and aromatic plants. Among which the fungus Cordyceps Senasis is largely used as indigenous medicine to cure certain ailments and it is also a lucrative source of income for highlanders. Cordyceps which in Bhutanese term Yartsa Guenbub meaning “Summer Grass, Winter Worm” is an insect herb and is usually found in higher parts of Bhutan.

Many scholarly researched papers have pointed out that fungus Cordycep Senasis have a crucial role making social vitality. Because it is said to have contain huge medicinal values this improves energy apatite, stamina, endurance, and immune against virus and promote longevity. Besides, highlanders use fungus powder with jiggery for cattle to improve milk production and improve reproductive capacity. It can be consumed either directly or with preparation. For instance, people prepare it soaking it into the alchohol and drink as cordycep tea which specifically benefits blood circulation which prepares our body to be resilience. Moreover, cordyceps are source of income for highlanders which in turn enhance our economy as a large. People usually collect cordyceps in the winter season and they prepare it to be sold for economic purpose. It has been one of highest sources of income especially for highlanders and it is also main livelihood for some of them.
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