Ngagi Wangchuk

Born in 1517 as son of lam Ngawang Chogyal.

Education trainings

  • He preached the Drukpa Kagyu teachings.
  • Practiced the yoga of Buddha Tsepadmey for one month while meditating because he was worried that he will get sick and disturb the meditation.


  • 16th holders of Ralung’s throne.


  • Achieved the practice of long life and his illness was cured
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


  • Gave the blessings of Tsepadmey to the people of Trongsa as per their request.
  • Tsepadmey blessings continued even after his death in Trongsa and at present main relic during blessing is walking stick of Lam Ngagi Wangchuk.
  • The Tsepadmey blessing in Trongsa is considered more valuable than in other district because it was introduced by Lam Ngagi Wangchuk himself.
  • He constructed a small temple in the shape of Dzong in 1549 and at present it stand Jakar Dzong.
  • He laid the foundation of Trongsa Dzong. He built small meditation hut in 1543 considering the vision guided by Palden Lhamo.


  • He died in the year 1554.
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
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