Drukpa Kuenley ( The Devine mad man)

The film was sincerely created on the true story of Drukpa Kuenley and his positive deeds to help living creatures from misery. I truly appreciated watching this film since it depends on a genuine story and in addition, the entertainers and their characters truly make a decent mix.

The film was coordinated by Kinley Dorji prominently known as Pem Taazey and he is the lead entertainer in the film playing the role of Lam Drukpa Kuenley. The film essentially shows the biography of the Lama Drukpa Kuenley and his positive deeds. He was conceived in Tibet and his father died when he was very young. He just had one sibling and his mom. He was viewed as the crazy person by the individuals of the town for demonstrating diverse conduct. He came to Bhutan and remained with numerous young ladies which gave the indication of Khandrom (Dakini).

Photo credit: Good deeds

From that point, his linage thrived in our nation. While in transit to Bhutan, he even quells numerous evil spirits and transformed them to a defensive deity of that place. One day after finding out about the devil of Dochula he went to repress the evil presence. With his heavenly force he transformed the Dochula devil into a dark canine and assumed him to a position where chimi Lhakhang stands today. He covers the canine with the sand and later chimi Lhakhang was assembled.

The lesson of the story is that if a devil is conceived, there will consistently be a divine being to curb them and shield the individuals from them.


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