Ngawang chogyal

He was born in 1465 to father Gyalwai Wangpo and mother Janmsem Mamkha at Pokya Chokyi Phodrang near Druk Ralung in Tibet.

Education training.

  • From his childhood, he is said to have been intelligent and he learnt reading and writing instantly.
  • Received the teaching of thirteen deities of Pal Khorlo Dompa (Chakrasamvara).


  • He was 15th throne holder of Ralung.


  • Ordained as a monk at the age of 12 by Gyalwa Rinpoche at Lho Drowaling and he got his name as Ngawang Chophel.
  • Practiced the creative and fulfillment stages of mediation.
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  • He took over consecration ceremony for the renovation work of Chang Gangkha lhakhang in 15th century.
  • He gave religious teaching at Chang gangkha Lhakhang.
  • He founded Dokar Druk Chokhorgang in 1531 CE as important religious center of Drukpa Kagyu tradition.he brought 100 carpenters and mason along with him from Druk Ralung in Tibet.
  • He blessed the cemetery located below Dobji Dzong.
  • Altogether he had established twenty center (monasteries, temples and retreat centers) in Bhutan.


  • Passed away at the age of seventy six in the year 1540 in Bhutan.
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