The Room, Emma Donoghue

This is a story narrated by a five-year-old boy, Jack. His mother was kidnapped seven years ago and kept in a one-roomed house in the kidnapper’s backyard. The kid sees the room as his whole world. His friends are the inanimate objects in the room- a table, a chair, a carpet… His mother makes him sleep in the closet so that he isn’t subjected to the trauma of rape and abuse the kidnapper inflicts on her. This is one heartbreaking story about a woman and a quest to save her only child.


The woman discovers the kidnapper (Old Nick) has been unemployed and is in danger of losing his home. She knows that he would kill them both soon. So she comes up with a plan to escape and tells Jack to act dead. The boy runs away when Old Nick takes his body to dispose of it. He is found by the relevant authorities after which, the woman is found and freed.

It is a gut-wrenching story about the evils of people, violence against women, and missing people. It is even scarier to think that in reality, many suffer the same fate as the characters in this book, but they are never found.

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