“Honeygiver Among the Dogs”, (2016)


Bhutanese film director, Dechen Roder, has introduced the neo-noir genre in Bhutan with her interesting and unique movie, Honeygiver Among the Dogs. It was first screened at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Honeygiver Among the Dogs follows a mysterious female lead, a police officer, and interesting visuals. At first glance, the story is about a detective, in a curious case, having to accept the lead of a mysterious woman. However, the film, at another level, is about stories of women told by women.

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Roder tells Scroll.in that the title of the movie itself is derived from a woman in the film, Tashi. She mentions that in Bhutanese religion, a woman named Tashi Khyidron recognizes the power and wisdom of another female saint or Dakini. When others in the community would shun her and chase her out, Tashi Khyidron would offer honey to the woman. The name Tashi Khyidron roughly translates to ‘Leader of the Dogs’, which Roder used as her inspiration for the title of the movie (Dzongkha: Munmo Tashi Khyidron).

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I would highly recommend this movie to anybody who wants a dash of Bhutanese myth with crime, and feminism thrown in. This blend of a movie will satiate the taste of anyone who prefers neo-noir, a women-directed movie about thriller, crime, and magic.

Dechen Roder, Director
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