FabLab Bhutan for STEM networks

FabLab is a digital fabrication laboratory and forms a network of researchers, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurship to provide the ideas into new products and prototypes. Prototypes can turn into reality using advanced digital manufacturing technology. The idea of FabLab was developed by inventor and scientist Professor Neil Gershenfeld at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Fablab has a widespread network of 150 connections around the globe and Bhutan is one of them. They collaborate with other countries and brainstorming the ideas of new products. For example, Norway created a system for tracking sheep using their mobile phones. Fablab is a place to innovate something you want to make with given digital and hardware materials. Training and workshops are held in different cities and colleges to gain popularity and opportunity for youth to join STEM networks.

Rapid prototyping

Fablab tools consist of rapid prototyping for manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving, pitop, and Solidworks. Rapid prototyping helps to produce a digital design in the real world. Laser cutting deals with the process of cutting and engraving on wood and plastic. Pitop is a modular laptop powered by Raspberry Pi and we can learn to code, create your own devices, edit photos, and create sounds.

Source: Trotec
Pi-top and its components
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