Types of Butter tea Bhutanese hardly know

With regards to Bhutanese custom of serving tea, Bhutan is broadly known for its uncommon butter tea. It tends to be identified with the ancient Bhutanese way of life where they generally relied on farming and domesticated animals.

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One should taste the flavor of best butter tea to refresh oneself and find the actual satisfaction one can accomplish from it. Butter tea is known to be served best at the hour of downpour and cold to give some energy and fats to hold heat. Numerous Bhutanese individuals have the custom of serving butter tea each morning and night.

Many individuals hardly know butter tea has three types; People just call butter tea as “suja”. Being a Bhutanese, it is an absolute necessity that one should think about their own way of life and custom. The inception of butter tea can be reclaimed to the era of Zhabdrung ngawang namgyel.


The butter tea was served to the master Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel by the local deities as a contribution on his journey from Tibet lhasa samyoe to Bhutan. Zhabdrung ngawang namgyel was an extraordinary master and a ruler who joined the western piece of Bhutan during his time. He is viewed as the first to instill the national etiquette (the code of conduct). In the customary rundown of offering, he made butter tea as an item to be served.


Presently many probably won’t be realizing that Butter tea has three types, the first is classified “soe-nam-choe-ja” followed by “zhung-ja” and the last one called “ja-nagp”. “soe-nam-choe-ja” is offered by the incredible heads like zhabdrung and royals, whereas monastic body’s offered tea is called “zhung-ja”, and the last tea “ja-nagp” is offered by the citizens.

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