Bumthang valley

Bhutan is experiencing progress and going through the test of globalization yet it has saved its social and natural framework. Among these, the Bumthang district has its rich social legacy and condition. Bumthang is one of the twenty dzongkhag (district) situated in the northern central region of the country at the height extending from 2400 to 6000 meters above the sea level. It is composed of four gewogs (blocks) specifically, Ura, Tang, Choekhor, and Chume. One can feel the aura of heaven when you reach Bumthang inviting you with a delightful landscape, an entirely great atmosphere, and fragrance of clean condition. Individuals call it second Switzerland.

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It is historically, religiously, culturally, and socially rich dzongkhags because it was honored by numerous extraordinary spiritual masters. On top of that, it is historically a center for the establishment of rulers and kings. Importantly, it served as a reigning center for our monarch in the late 19th and early 20th centuries under the reign of the first and second kings of Bhutan. Therefore, due to continuing blessings from secular and spiritual people Bumthang has witness unique culture and traditions.

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One can appreciate the beautiful environment as well as come across unique ceremonies such as Mewang (fire blessings) and Terchham (naked dance) during Jampa Lhakhang drup (ceremonies) dissimilar to celebration in other dzongkhag.  Bumthang is known for its rich social legacy of Bumthang mathra, made out of wool and authenticate yathra. The individuals of Bumthang specifically Chume gewogs produce authenticate yathra items which is costly yet commendable. One can not only just become hopelessly enamored with the way of life of the individuals but also will get astonished by the settings of the valley. Encircled by wonderful mountains, one can feel the chills of fresh air making it a lovely spot to live in. 

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